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Global Distribution

As big as the world is, it still runs on personal relationships. That is the starting point for getting your film – Getting your strong film into the right hands. That means starting with the right film distributor. 

At Andrea International, we have the relationships that make the difference in getting your film seen by the world. We also help guide you through the process of distribution. 

Film Market Representation

  Getting the pitch, presentation and especially the representation of your film correct and professional from the starting gate is important. Perception, savvy, relationships, a clear understanding of how film markets really work, can make the make-or-break difference between getting your film either made or distributed. 

Film Partnerships Development

Do you need full service on your film project? Access to content development, financing, talent, production, production teams, perhaps even a co-production partnership? Do you need help in developing, filming, marketing and distributing your film project? We do all of that and in a customized way – what does your film need to achieve success?

Investor Relations

For a good film, there is money out there. Plenty of it. But only for the right film project, team, marketing, plan, and dream. The dream is an important part of the big picture: Investors want to make money, but they also prefer to do that within a film project that they like, if not love. Every film project investors wants the opportunity to hit the home run. They want to find that diamond in the rough. But they also want to know and need to feel their investment is in safe hands. That is why investor relations matter. We speak their language.

Producer & Development Services

Think about having us review your film. As distributors we know what sells. From a marketing and audience perspective, we can elevate your project to give it the best chance of success. We have insights on what a project marketable globally – which markets might readily accept your film. 

We also have experts who can help guide you within the creative process. If you have a good film project idea, we can help you make it great.

Special Interest: Health & Wellness Films and Projects

Though we handle all types of films, we have specialized expertise in the health and wellness arena as well. The connect is an obvious one. Films help change the world—making the world and the people in it healthier.  You would be surprised what those connection can bring you. Perhaps you have content to bring to them.