Frequently Asked Questions

Distribution Services? What kind?


Films generally only get one shot; it is important you do it right from the start. Having us there sends a strong signal you are serious about the business of distribution; in getting the right deal, perception matters.

We offer two services: 

1) For certain projects, we are the distributor, leveraging our global contacts. Basically, we do what is best for your film project.

2) For other projects, we help film makers find the right distributor at the right time. 

We treat your film with the creative respect it deserves.

How do your fees work?


Our fees are simple: our AI 4 X 10 model.

Four things we require. Ten things we do for you and your film.

Our fees  -- the four things we require -- are structured as follows: 

1) We require a one-time upfront retainer of $7,500 

2) We require that you cover market attendance expenses in advance, subject to your approval. 

3) We require a small commission, 3% of gross revenues whether AI is directly or indirectly involved in the negotiations. 

4) Lastly, we require that you cover cost for all marketing materials. Should we recommend changes, you are required to cover those costs, though those changes would be subject to your approval in advance. 

In exchange for the fee, what else do you provide?


As part of the representation agreement we provide the following: 

1) AI will be developing a pitch, marketing angles and promotional strategies in preparation for maximizing the perceived market value of your film. 

2) I will be doing competitive, global market and target market analyses to target ideal and potentially lucrative opportunities for your film. 

3) I will be leveraging a set of distribution tools which includes a database which can reach over 8,000 buyers worldwide. 

4) I will be analyzing potential income from various markets around the world; this analysis is based on the nature of your film and historical data but is no guarantee of sales. Quality, execution and even timing are critical to sales. 

As we move forward:

5) I will be introducing your film to some of the largest film market buyers the world. 

6) AI will do targeted promotional and marketing campaigns. 

7) AI will be repping your film in some of the major film festivals and film markets, like Cannes, MIPCOM, MIP-TV, NATPE, TIFFCOM, AFM, Hong Kong Film Mart, DISCOP, World Content Market, EFM Berlin, and others depending on what we evaluate as the right strategy for your film. 

8) I will be personally introducing your film to my global network of buyers and industry contacts. This makes all the difference in getting them to view the film when they have hundreds of choices and their time is limited. 

9) I will review and advise you on developing PR and marketing materials.

10) I will leverage insider contacts and professionals to develop the proper branding for the film. We will require that expenses associated with print changes to marketing and branding materials be your responsibility; we will require your approval before making any changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Full Service mean?


We customize a team to help to marshal all the important pieces together -- The right talent, right production, the right marketing and even the right finalized script. We offer content analysis, market planning, film marketing and of course distribution. Each step along the way requires a different set of expert eyes, talent and skills. That’s why we look at the process as collaborative one – the best working hard together to get results: A film that gets global distribution.

Our ability to support and partner with you comes from our 15+ years of experience as well as our strong contacts in the business.

If you are going to get your film made and distributed, you need a team that can get it all done.distribution; in getting the right deal, perception matters.

We offer two services: 

1) For certain projects, we are the distributor, leveraging our global contacts. Basically, we do what is best for your film project.

2) For other projects, we help film makers find the right distributor at the right time. 

We treat your film with the creative respect it deserves.

Do I really need Film Market Representation?


We serve film-makers at film markets, festivals and events. The work we do is critical to a filmmaker’s success during a film market. We don’t suggest filmmakers try it on their own – you only get one chance and perception is everything. Buyers are busy people, and there are hundreds of films out there. They like seeing a distribution company behind you. Be as smart about the what happens at the markets as you were in creating your content. It is the reason writers, directors, and talent have agents. Perception matters.

Let us represent you and your film at the film markets.

Why do I need film investor relations support?


It is a question of trust, message clarity, preparedness, business savvy, negotiations and a little bit of excitement too, isn’t it? I am writing about Film Investor Relations; one of the things Andrea International does best. We help film makers get their projects funded.

Investors need to see serious financial thinking and planning. Andrea International has provided investor relations for many successful years. We know how to talk financing and distribution. We know how to map out the path to an investor’s return on investment. ROI. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you work in different Genres?


Yes we do work with different genres. We built our team and network around that notion. We put your project front and center and ask who might be the right person to review, analyze and help you elevate your script? Through our extensive relationships, we can team you up with some of the best in the business. How fun, right? And why not. It should be creative, collaborative and fun. 

Green100 Media. Tell me more.


  We value the work of all film makers. But some of our colleagues find themselves on the  popular edge world of health and wellness. Emerging from the cultural influence of film and entertainment, there is a need to bring together film and Green initiatives -- work that inspires people to a better world, a healthier world and healthier lifestyles. Accordingly, when it makes sense, we are able to connect films and film makers with corporate sponsorships and partnerships , where everyone wins. Film makers. Green companies. The planet. And all of us..

How long have you done this work?


We have done distribution starting over 15 years ago. That means we have been around the world attending film markets and film festivals many, many times. Our contacts are global. Yet, we are human as well -- owing to family needs, we entered  health and wellness industry learning about how we can take care us each other, lead healthier lives and build a healthier planet at the same time. We love film. We love film makers. We love all genres. We believe a job well done is a successful film. We also understand the cultural influence films bring with them. So we occasionally see the opportunity to bring together the best of two worlds: film and health & wellness.