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Let us represent you and your film at the film markets since getting it right from the starting gate is important. Perception, savvy, relationships, a clear understanding of how film markets really work, can make the difference between getting your film either made or distributed. We serve film-makers at film markets, festivals and events. Simply called a film marketing rep, the work we do is often critical to a filmmaker success during a film market.

Rarely met a smart film-maker who didn’t think they could represent their film at a market themselves.  It certainly seems to make sense on the surface. After all, who could possibly know the film any better that the film-maker him or herself. True. But unfortunately, that is not how the business works.

It is much like an actor who can do their own work on stage. Yet, actors need agents, right? Top directors have their agents. The same is true of all film-makers in marketing their films at festivals, events or markets. Be as smart about the what happens at the markets as you were in creating your content.

The statistics suggest that 95% of the independent films do not sell at the markets. The same is true of actors; few actors, unless friends of the director, get their acting gigs without an agent. Of the hundreds of those auditioning, only one gets the role. The odds are steep.

Perception. Strategy. Positioning. Sales. Connections. Packaging. Timing. All these things matter in marketing your film  successfully. First and foremost, selling it yourself raises a red flag to buyers, who are inundated with so many projects, they look for reasons to say “no;” and this even when they seem to say ”yes.” What that kind of “no” or “yes” means, is that they will never look at your film. If you haven’t done the work to find a strong representative, they take notice. Additionally, of your representative has not been around the markets, they take notice.

It is film marketing 101: Buyers need that comfort level. They need to be sold. The problem is, what director is not going to think their own film is good, if not great? So establishing credibility is not a given. By the way, it is hard for film-makers to find the balance between confidence and arrogance. Not enough of one and too much of the other spells a non-start.

But putting all those obstacles aside, there is still the problem of finding, not just any buyer, but the right buyer at the right time. Film marketing 102: Some buyers are stronger than others. Some can make big things happen. Some only sound like they can make big things happen. Timing is also a factor: Last year, they would have been perfect for you, this year is a different story. It is kind of like spending money and time on Ferrari only to find their scheduled for an engine rebuild this year.

That’s what we do well; not rebuilding Ferraris, but putting your film on the road to success. We know the market, and the market knows us. We know how to leverage our contacts to find the right buyer for film project at this exact time. Listen, sometimes great buyers are just not ready. Sometimes they are. We don’t waste time with opportunities that are not real opportunities.

All said, you need a real professional to market your film. Marketing 103: It is about a marketing rep or team is that is willing to put in the hard work. That work makes you look good, your film look better and, let’s not forget, gives you the best chance to get your film sold. In a distribution world, where some estimate less that 300 films are sold a year. The work matters, and can only come from the right marketing rep. It is important to do things right. And that is what we do.

At Andrea International, we know films. We know film marketing. We know the markets. We know what we need to do to make your film a success.

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