Film Project Review

You have an idea, maybe even a script. You are about to spend months and months, maybe even years dedicated to a singular mission: Get the movie to the world. Why not find out if you are  standing on solid ground and heading in the right direction.

Every idea, film project, or script can be improved. Not even the greatest films start out perfect and locked. It is all about a creative process, one of constant improvement and perfecting.

Allow us to review the project from both a content and marketing perspective. Is your project a great one but with limited marketing appeal? In other words, really targeted for a smaller but passionate audience? Or is your project big, bold and VFX loaded? You may think that we are saying the latter is a better film, but it might not be; to be honest, often it is not the case. But in either case, you have to build the possibilities into the script. A high visual effects movie requires more bells and whistles, more action, well, you know the deal. That means that financing is a big issues. Finding the middle ground may be critical to your success.

If a film is more for the independent crowd, that small but passionate audience we mentioned above, it has to be planned for just like the big VFX movies. Who your target audience is likely to be will impact what need to be addressed in the script. Given a target market perspective, we can elevate your project to give it the best chance of success. That that’s the key isn’t it. Success.

However, the core of what this service is about is quality. The proverbial great script. That is always the first and most important step in film making: Have a great film, large market or small, to make, to dedicate your next years to. We can help. We customize our team around your project needs. Do you need a script doctor? Have you ever heard of a concept doctor, which is a totally different take on the script? Do you need a co-writer? Or just a proof reader? There are many things and ways we can help. Let us be part of your team in getting the most important step locked and ready for the next step.

Content matters. Your project matters. We get it and we help get it right.

Do you work with different genres?

Yes we do. And we build our team around that notion. Who might be the right person to review, analyze and help you elevate your script. Through our extensive relationships, we can team you up with the best in the business. How fun. And why not. It should be creative, collaborative and fun.

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