Partnership Development

Do you need a full service shop? Access to content development, financing, talent, production, perhaps even a co-production partnership? Do you need to find a partner in developing, filming, and distributing your film project? We do all that.

We customize a team to help get all the important pieces together. There is a lot that goes into making a film successful. The right talent, right production, the right story. Each step along the way requires a different set of expert skills.

We are your A-Z guide in getting your film project perfected, shot, marketed, promoted and distributed. All that comes from our 15 years of experience and more importantly, our strong contacts in the business. If you are going to get your film made, and we all know how truly difficult that is, you need a team that can get it all done at the level it needs to be done to be successful.

DEVELOPMENT: Base on the current status of your project, we can help perfect it. Do you have a script or just a synopsis? Do you need a writer or a script doctor? Have you heard of concept experts, which can make all the difference.  Are you comfortable with where your content stands? Let’s us evaluate and help you perfect your project. If you are going to give your blood, sweat, toil and tears, why not make sure it will be worth it in the end.

FINANCING: As you already probably know, this is make or break for most films. Once the project is in good shape, financing is critical. But how do you sell a project when there are hundreds, if not thousands of film makers out there shopping for financing with the same investors? Beyond that, understanding how financing works in the film industry is mission critical as well. Financial incentives matters. Lastly, it is never about just an investor, but the right one. We help guide film makers through the financing process and getting the right investors behind your project.

PRODUCTION: Given your project is ready to shoot, where do you go from there? Do you need actors? A director? Producers with experience? A production house? We act as your liaison, leveraging our successful years of experience and strong contacts. When it is all about getting the film made, we customize the team and crew to do that with you. The quality of the team around you, the creative energy and insight they bring to your project is what can make the project both worthwhile as an experience and great as content the world deserves to see.

DISTRIBUTION: Though we discuss this in other sections of our site, just know that when it comes to distribution, it just may be the beginning of the most critical part in the process. If you have great content, you have to put into the right hands. That means starting out on the right foot: Perception. So many film makers try to go it alone, but distributors are people: They are inundated with hopefuls and have hundreds of films to review – more films than they can watch in a six month window. So which ones will they take seriously? Our help can make the difference. Never go it alone. Perception matters. Don’t believe anything different.

FILM MARKET REPRESENTATION:  Do you just need support making the most of a film market? It is not easy to figure it all out your first time there. We help, full service at the markets as well. Evaluating your pitch, your marketing materials, where you need to be and who you need to meet. There is a lot to grasp and we have you covered.

Full service means full service. Like a baby, films need a lot of different things. If you choose us as part of your team, we help guide you through all of it while getting the things you need in place, step by step, straight to a global market hungry for, even starving, for great films.

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