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Did you ever consider how your film project will fit within a market that is inundated with films, maybe not the best films but certainly inundated.  What is your plan? How do you go about the execution of your film project when it comes to marketing it? Will what you have, how you want to sell it and market it work?

It is not just about the film, but how you market it that matters? Why? Because even if your film will fill the hearts of those who see it, getting a market saturated with films from all over the world is not easy. It is no good if your great film never gets seen. That is not self evident is it? But it is just the way it all works. The film itself is only a part of the game. The major studios know this; it is just not as self evident in independent film making circles.

We review your content, your marketing plan, your pitch, your marketing materials if you have them and your marketing strategy at the various film markets and festivals. This is a full scope review of how you are going to get your content out there in a way that maximizes your potential for success.

Sometime is like comparing apples to oranges. Expectations matter and if what you have is a great orange but the buyer or market are expecting an apple, it can harm your chances for your success. The marketing must align with the content you have to offer and the messaging must be strong, confident, passionate, exciting while being an accurate representation of what they marketing is about to bite into. Their expectations have to be set and then delivered.

Let us help with a full review of your marketing plan. Don’t have a plan? We can help you develop the right one. We customize a team behind you to help get all that done right. Your first step into the market has to be the right one, so why take a chance? Take our guidance instead. After all your hard work and passion, give yourself and your project the best chance for success in striking the right chord with the market.

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