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It is a question of trust, clarity, and a little excitement isn’t? I am writing about Investor Relations; one of the things Andrea International does best. We help film makers fund their projects.

There is plenty of money out there. It is there for the taking, but only for the right company, team project and dream. That last part, the dream, is part of the bigger picture. Investors want to make money; understand that. But they also prefer to do that within a film project that they like, if not love. Everyone of them wants the opportunity to hit the homerun. They want to find that diamond in the rough. But first, they want to know their investment is in safe hands. In other words, the complete package is what solidifies any investment deal.

Andrea International has provided investor relations for over 15 years. We know where to find them, how to talk to them, how to present your film and your vision. We know how to talk financing. We also know the journey involved from first meet and greet to a final, successful signed deal. It is a journey.  And it is a journey that can trip you up at any step along the way. Our work can help make the steps you take secure and strong.

Investors need to trust that your hope and dreams are backed with serious financial thinking and planning. They need to understand the path to their return on investment. ROI. They need someone who talks their language, understands their concerns and gives them comfort in doing business with your film, production company or just you.

Investor relations matter.

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