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As big as the world is, it still runs on personal relationships. That is the starting point for getting your film into the right hands. The right distributor for your film. We have the relationships that make the difference in getting your film seen by the world.

At Andrea International, we help guide you through the process and into the hands of the right distributors. Films generally only get one shot; it is important you do it right from the start. Having us there sends a strong signal you are serious about the business of distribution; in getting the right deal, perception matters.

We offer two services: 1) helping film makers find the right distributor at the right time. 2) For certain project we are the distributor, leveraging our global contacts. Basically, we do what is best for your film project.

Distribution is a complex business. What seems simple is not. What countries should your film be distributed first? Second? Third? The easy answer is “everywhere,” but distribution does not work that way. There is strategy involved. There are content-based decisions that must be made and that help set your film on the right path to success. Timing, building momentum, are often the key.

Who do you need to meet or make a deal with? Where should you start, what film markets should you attend? Who can you get to truly listen when there are thousands of films fighting for their attention? All these factors lead to the only decision you, as a film maker, have to make: Who do you choose to distribute your film? Big or small doesn’t matter. Success does. The right steps lead to bigger steps.

A word of caveat: There are big distributors, and with they you might feel safe. But in their world, your film may be a side show, upping their market representative’s outward perception – “we distributed hundreds of films” – rather than a conscious, passionate and disciplined approach to getting your film distributed. We treat your film as if it was the only Oscar contender out there. We treat it with the creative respect it deserves. You put your sweat, financial blood, and creative tears into it. We know that. We respect that. We feel the same. And we use our passion for great work to work for us in getting your film into the right hands.

Let us help you get your film to the world.

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